The Justice Tarot illustration creative process

The Justice Tarot illustration creative process

I have been reading tarot to myself for a long time. I like to see what advice or guidance it gives me on a particular subject. I read and work with Alejandro Jodorowsky's book "The Way of the Tarot", which I find very complete in information. For each card I feel its energy and try to channel it to transmit it through my illustration.

For the card of justice, I analyzed the symbolism and energy of the card, and I felt that I had to stand up and act the energy of that woman. I felt " The Justice" very powerful, able to make rational, cutting and fair decisions very quickly. She has a balance in which she balances our life. She notices if there is an imbalance in a specific situation, between two people or energies. For that reason I designed in the illustration of the scales the energy of the sun (day, masculine energy, earth, warm colours), and the moon (night, feminine, spirituality, cold colours), which always have to be balanced in our being and life.

In this card there is a predominance of warm red because it helps to communicate power, fire, love, action, strength, blood and passion.

Acting " The Justice", her energy called me to stand upright, straight and stable, looking straight ahead, with a challenging face: who dares to challenge her? Her attitude speaks of feminine power, and she does not sit still, she acts, she is the protagonist.

Her third eye is connected to her intuition, and her decisions are aligned with her values. She knows what is right or wrong for a situation or for herself. She doesn't let any more time pass to cut something she doesn't like. She is a powerful woman and that energy could intimidate someone more insecure or guilty. 

For her posture I was inspired by the French statue of justice, who with bare breasts and defiantly comes to ask for balance. Don't lie to yourself anymore, this card leaves no room for that.


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