The Justice Tarot meaning

Illustration by Eva Boch.

The Justice Tarot illustration by Eva Boch

The Justice's tarot card energy.

The Justice has a very powerful and active energy. With its fixed forward gaze it suggests that you should have a fearless introspection of your inner self. With its strong colours, it invites us to have a determined and proactive personality to make decisions and balance our life. It offers to open your third eye, the one we see designed on its forehead, to be able to communicate and act according to your being and true intuition.

In her scales you can see the masculine (with the sun and the earth) and the feminine (with the moon, the sky and spirituality). She asks you: "How is your balance, your equilibrium in this situation? She demands harmony in imperfection.
She proposes to have the strength to connect with your inner world to get up to make those changes that will lead you to balance your life again. It wants everyone to be honest and do justice to themselves.

The Justice tarot design by eva boch

In the illustration you can see that she has a connection with the divine, upwards with her intuition, and also with the earthly, by her dress coming out of the visible frame downwards. Her connection to her third eye and the divine shows us that her thinking is influenced by the universe, and invites you to listen to yourself and find clarity.

Key words:
Justice - perfection - balance - honesty - physical, mental and emotional strength - courage - inflexibility - self-awareness - fairness - compassion - loyalty - reason - decisiveness - balance - harmony.

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