The Star Tarot illustration creative process

The Star Tarot illustration creative process

Creating The Star tarot card was a very beautiful and introspective process for me. To feel its energy, I first studied the tarot card of Marseille The Star, and then I used what was available near me at the time to pose. I felt her calm energy, of inner research and I wanted to transmit it with colours closer to the night, representing the unconscious. I also had this image that the woman who is there, vulnerable, makes one with what surrounds her, so I connected her hair with the universe and the stars, in which we can see the shepherd's star that guides us. The shepherd's star looks at us in the eyes, straight ahead, so that we can tell ourselves the truth. Are we really connecting with our gift? Our unused talent could affect the balance of giving and receiving that this Arcanum shows us. I also incorporated an Aurora Borealis, which is not in The Star card of the Tarot of Marseilles from which I draw my inspiration. I introduced her because, as you can see in my explanation of the Star card, the universe shows the wisdom that we have access to from ourselves, and the Aurora Borealis was in ancient times associated with the divine. That woman has a connection with the divine and universal wisdom, and we can see that connection between the earthly and the spiritual designed in that way.

It was a very interesting card to work with, as I myself am in the process of creating this tarot 🌝! These illustrations that from my inner being I am bringing to the light little by little.

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Admiro a Eva por su labor como diseñadora y como artista, pero no conocía su labor como tarotista y estoy muy agradecida de haber podido concretar una sesión con ella. Su personalidad amable y su sensibilidad como mujer creadora me han hecho sentir en un lugar seguro y de acompañamiento. Ha sido para mí una guía en un momento de incertidumbre, que ha logrado a través de la lectura del tarot, dar forma a inquietudes y sentires de una manera respetuosa y acertada. Eva logra gracias a su conocimiento y espíritu creativo, crear un ambiente rico de espontaneidad, te invita a mirarte hacia adentro con sinceridad y valor. Recomiendo milllll, gracias Eva!

Mabel Karen cavieres

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