The Star Tarot meaning

Illustration by Eva Boch.

the star tarot card design by Eva Boch
the star tarot card illustration by Eva Boch

The Star's tarot card energy.

The energy of The Star is introspective. She has her head inclined downwards, eyes closed, investigating her inner world. She is connected, through her jugs, at the same time by earth (the earthy) and water (the emotional). She is also connected to the universe (the spiritual, the wisdom) by the receptive moon on her forehead.

The Star is in the process of gestation. It may be a pregnancy, a new project that is being built. In that process she needs that solitude to connect with her emotions and with herself, with her true self. This Arcanum speaks of our connection with our gift, what we come to bring into this world, and the balance of the universe between giving and receiving.  

The woman in the Star card is naked, a sign of vulnerability, purity and simplicity. She invites us to show ourselves as we are, our most intimate and hidden side. To connect us with that talent that is within us, to take it to the external world and offer it to others.

the star tarot design by eva boch
the star tarot illustration by eva boch
zoom the star design by eva boch

This woman's hair is connected to the universe and joins the sky forming an Aurora Borealis, a phenomenon that in ancient times was attributed to the divine and the gods. Here we see the shepherd's star, our inner spiritual guide, which helps us to find our way through the night. The Star invites us not to lose sight of this teacher in the sky and to remain connected with our being in the life decisions we make.


In the background, a phoenix takes its flight towards the stars. A phoenix always rises from the ashes, it has an energy of transformation between two states and a connection with death. It tells us about an inner transformation that can occur with The Star. In that process of introspection, clarifications can come to us about who we are and what we really want to develop and deliver to the world.


Through this inner search, Arcanum XVII finds its place in the earth by the roots that formed under its leg and which continue to grow.


In a negative point of view, the star can lose its energy and become exhausted when it comes to giving endlessly and never receive or never want to give, altering its balance. It may speak of a situation from the past of childhood does not work out.

Key words:

Vulnerability - self-love - spiritual guidance - intuition - purification - healing - energy balance - rest - tranquillity - reinvention - rebirth - fertility - gestation - femininity - generosity - gift - shaman - finding her place, etc.

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