Hello, welcome to my glittery mystical world ✨!

🦄 Hello, beautiful souls! I'm Eva, a French and Italian Designer, Illustrator & Tarotist. 🎨✨ Since I was a child, I've had this magical connection with design and the mystical world. Drawing amidst the French Alps, whispering my thoughts to the moon, brought me absolute peace. 🌌💫

I firmly believe in energies, the incredible power of nature, and the beautiful bond we share with animals, all intertwined on this wonderful planet. 🌍💕

My journey as a designer and artist has been a destiny-driven adventure. I honed my design skills in Paris, and then my path led me to Santiago de Chile, where I discovered the captivating world of tarot. 🌟

Now, back in Europe, I'm a designer & Tarotist with a spiritual touch! I'm thrilled to have you join this space to explore my illustrations that blend design and spirituality & Tarot. Hoping to inspire you on this journey towards a brighter path. ✨

With love and magic, 🔮✨

If you want to collaborate with me, or if you feel like connecting with me, send me a message!