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Eva Boch

Duality Art Print, Wall Art Print, Poster, Illustration

Duality Art Print, Wall Art Print, Poster, Illustration

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☯️ ♥ Duality Art Print ♡ Wall Art Print, Poster, Illustration⁠. Museum-quality card made on durable matte paper.

With this design I invite you to embrace light and shadow energies in your daily life.

Duality 🌗✨: A Dance of Light and Shadow. In the eternal dance of life, duality is our constant companion. Like the moon in the sky, our lives are marked by an interplay between light and shadow.

My illustration celebrates this duality. Two women, two sides of the same coin, separate yet united by the glow of the moon. One cannot exist without the other; they are two sides of the same truth.

The moon, the bridge between these two poles, reminds us that both parts are essential. We cannot fully embrace the light without having navigated the deep waters of the shadow. Each phase is a lesson, a gift, and an opportunity to grow.

In our own lives, duality manifests in countless ways: day and night, laughter and tears, success and failure. But in every pair of opposites, there is a profound unity that sustains us.

Let's embrace duality with gratitude and welcome it in all its forms. Like the moon and my two women, we are the perfect integration of light and shadow. Duality is not a struggle but a beautiful and eternal dance. 🌗💃✨

• Paper thickness: 190 gr

• Fine art print quality -> A fine art print is a very high-quality print on art paper. Like a lithograph, photograph, or etching.

• Size: A3/A4/A5/A6

• Sold without frame. Adapted to the standard formats of frames.

• Print reinforced by a rigid board and delivered flat in an envelope

• Tracking service for all shipments

Help support an independent artist <3. Our prints are made to order so please allow 3-6 days for production and packaging prior to shipping.

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