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Eva Boch

The Nature Goddess Art Print, Wall Art Print, Poster, Illustration

The Nature Goddess Art Print, Wall Art Print, Poster, Illustration

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The Nature Goddess Art Print. Museum-quality card made on durable matte paper.

🌍🌿 Diana, the protector goddess of forests, children, childbirth, fertility, the moon, and wild animals, walks gracefully with a polar bear among Earth's blooming flowers. She is a divine symbol of her care for our planet and future generations. 🐻🌺

This design is a reminder of our sacred responsibility to protect our beloved Earth. Just as Diana nurtures and safeguards, we must embrace our role as stewards of the environment. 🌿🌍💚

We can make a difference through conscious choices, sustainable practices, and compassion for all living beings. Our actions today shape the world that future generations will inherit. 🌱🌏💫

With Diana's spirit, let's protect and cherish the Earth, ensuring its beauty and abundance endure. 🌈🌎💖

• Paper thickness: 190 gr

• Fine art print quality -> A fine art print is a very high-quality print on art paper. Like a lithograph, photograph, or etching.

• Size: A3/A4/A5/A6

• Adapted to the standard formats of frames. Sold without frame.

• Print reinforced by a rigid board and delivered flat in an envelope

• Tracking service for all shipments

• The story of the print: Every planet needs its goddess to take care of nature and its inhabitants. Strong and valuable, she will defend our mother earth and her animals. She rides on her white bear, protecting nature and the Moon. We need her help and yours to live in a better world, where there are trees, vegetation, animals and water is always present in rivers and fountains.

Help support an independent artist <3. Our prints are made to order so please allow 3-6 days for production and packaging prior to shipping.

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